but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Life's Trials/New Year

I am helping to coach C's home school basketball team. As I am enjoying this opportunity very much it is also very time consuming. That is one of the reasons for me not posting in such a long time. Anyway, C was voted one of three team captains for his JV team this year. One of the responsibilities of a team captain is to prepare a short bible lesson/devotion for each practice. This week C chose a devotion about the trials in life and how just because we are Christians it does not mean that we will not have difficulties in life.
As we prepare for a new year and have a time for reflection and even try to make a "resolution" to improve something in our lives for the new year I am thinking of those trials that we go through.
What do we do during the times of great difficulty in our lives? Do we seek and listen to God only when things are going good in our lives? Are we more "faithful" during the good times or the bad?
C's head coach tells the boys on the team that she is not looking for their mistakes (because she knows they will make them) she is looking for what they do for the first 3 seconds after they make a mistake. I know that until we are home with Jesus, walking side by side with our Heavenly Father, we will continue to face trials. But I wonder if God is looking to see what we do the first 3 seconds after we are faced with those trials. Do we immediately go to Him for guidance, or do we rush off to try to figure things out on our own? Do we seek guidance from those around us instead of the only who can truly solve our problems?
During the years that Kurt and I have been married we have had our share of trials. I think it is hard to just wait, wait for the Lord to speak. I so often want to solve my own problems as quickly and easily as possible, only to sometimes make the situation even worse. Sometimes I let my emotions lead me, or my sense of what is the right thing to do instead of listening for the Lord to tell me what I should do.
If I was to make a "resolution" for this new year, I think it would be to truly seek God first in all I do. Not just when I make a mess of something and need Him to fix it. He is always there for me, all I have to do is go to Him and let him carry me through life's trials.