but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Resource

I love it when I talk to a friend and they have a great website to share!! This new resource that my friend told me about is great. I have to find more time to sit and search through all that it has to offer. Click here to visit this home school site and see what it can offer you.

Praying Mantis

Originally posted to www.nogreaterjoys.blogspot.com in September 2008.
We were surprised to see this praying mantis on our window today. K is studying all kinds of bugs and insects in science right now and has been on the look out for all types of these critters. She was excited to be able to check this one off her list of things to look for this week.

Summers Over-A poem by my son

Summers Over
Summers almost over
To cold to play Red Rover
To cold to play outside
To cold for a bike ride
So cold a snake must hide under a rock
So cold I have to wear three pairs of socks
Lakes are freezing
Kids are sneezing
Down with a cold
Where's medicine sold?
A good thing about winter
Means it is Christmastime
A time to open presents
A time to hear no whine

Our first week of full lessons. UGH!!

Originally posted to www.nogreaterjoys.blogspot.com in September of 2008.

WOW!! What a week I have had!! Starting with last Friday I re-injured my knee and was in a lot of pain Friday night. Saturday I was limping because of the pain and ended up being in even more pain Sunday. Because of the limping I ended up having extreme pain in my hips, back and leg muscles. Even so, I still had to make sure all the children's lesson plans were done for this week and come up with a schedule so that I could give each of the children the attention they need for each subject. (Remember--I started the children on Math, Reading and English in August and everything else was added this month.)
On Sunday I came down with the worst cold I have had in years. I have had a terrible week!! I still sound like a bullfrog when I try to talk and end up in a terrible coughing spell. So to say that we had a smooth first week would be a slight exaggeration. LOL
The children have had a pretty good week even without a lot of hand's on from Mommy, which is a silver lining. Thank goodness the beginning of the year is usually review and not completely new material. They needed very little instruction from me. I do feel a little bit bad for A though as she was so excited to start lessons and ended up only getting about half of what I had planned for her. O-Well. She will get more than enough when I am fully recovered.Even with a week like this it is still a great joy to be able to teach my children!!

Starting School Again!!

Originally posted to www.nogreaterjoys.blogspot.com in August of 2008.
We officially started back to school August 4th. We have had a very busy and short summer, so I decided to start with Math, English and Reading only for the month of August. We are starting out very relaxed and it is working out well. We will start all our other subjects in September. We have had so much going on lately it has been difficult for me to find time to post. I also have not had time to follow my favorite blogs. I hope to catch up on how everyone is doing soon. Blessings to all!!

An emotional end to our first year of home schooling.

Originally posted on www.nogreaterjoys.blogspot.com in June of 2008.
As Soaring Eagles Academy finishes our first year of homeschooling I have many emotions: relief that I survived, relief that the children survived, peace that what we are doing is right for us, joy that we have one year down, excitement for the year to come, faith that we are doing what we were called to do, happiness that I was able to spend so much time with my children that I would not have had otherwise, did I mention relief!! We are all looking forward to our summer break and I will be making plans for next year.
We were at the book store the other day and the boys could not believe that I would actually be making them read over the summer. Can you imagine?!? How dare I expect them to read on their summer break. LOL

Botanical Gardens Field Trip

Originally posted to www.nogreaterjoys.blogspot.com in April of 2008.

Since Kurt was off work today we decided to take a field trip to the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens. It was a chilly day today, but at least we did not get rained on. We did enjoy our walk although it is kind of early for all the plants to be in bloom. It was nice to take a break from our lessons to enjoy God's beauty.The kid's had the challenge of following clues to certain areas that had numbered pine cones and writing the correct number next to the clue. They all came very close to getting them right, but they switched two numbers. Maybe next time we go they will be able to get them all right.

Our trip to the Circus

Originally posted to www.nogreaterjoys.blogspot.com in April of 2008.

The Circus came to town!!! We were so excited when the home school group announced a field trip to the circus. We got together with several other home school families and had a great time. We felt blessed to be able to enjoy this time together as a family.
We all had different things we liked best. I personally liked the mini dachshunds that were trained to do tricks. I really think I liked this the best because we have a mini dachshund.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Why Homeschooling?

Orinally posted to www.nogreaterjoys.blogspot.com in April of 2008, edited today.

Well, you may all be asking yourselves, "Why in the world would she home school her children?"
I always rejected the idea right away, always made excuses as to why I would "NEVER" do it. You know the ones those of us in denial make. . . no patience, the children are okay where they are, I can't give them what they need. My favorite excuse was, "I don't have the patience for it?" They say "never say never" for a reason.
Just before bringing A home from China in June of 2007, we were asking ourselves what we would do the following year. The children were attending a local Christian School and I was working in the office. My entire paycheck was going back to the school for tuition, sports fees, uniforms, lunches, etc. After looking at many options--none of them being home schooling--it was time to make a decision. I really felt lead one day to look into home schooling. I knew where the feeling was coming from but I wanted to reject it. REALLY wanted to reject it.
After some prayer, investigation into curriculum, research about the laws for homeschooling in our state, and more prayer, I began to get excited about the idea.It's kind of a funny story that when we asked the children about it they were all on board right away and I kept asking them, "Have you prayed about it?" They would say, "Yes! We did and we still want to do it!!" For about two weeks my response to them was, "Well, go pray some more!!" I was still in denial about what God was telling me to do.
After much prayer we made the decision to home school all of the kids. We named our homeschool: Soaring Eagles Academy. We had a little inspiration for choosing this name.
We know that the decision to home school was the right one. Although we have had a few trials and errors this year, we have drawn closer and have had a very good year.I am currently very excited about getting prepared for next year. Researching curriculum can be very exciting and can give you a major headache all at the same time. In addition to researching curriculum I am also working on a new schedule for our day. I try to be very organized--it just doesn't always show through.

We have also been busy during the year with sports, extra curricular activities and much more.The boys both played soccer for the home school team. C played basketball for them as well. C is getting ready to start baseball for the Parks and Rec and has taken drum lessons this year. J took an art class that he enjoyed very much. Ever since he was able to go to the Art competition in 4th grade, he has really enjoyed doing different art projects. The boys are also becoming more involved with their youth group at church. K did gymnastics for a few months then decided she would wait until the fall and get back into jazz classes. K also took a knitting class and made a couple of good friends. A is in gymnastics and is very much enjoying it. Needless to say, we do stay very busy and the kids have lots of social time.I believe it is one of the greatest joys of my life that I am able to home school my children.
"Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23